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Neil Versel - Healthcare IT journalist


Neil Versel

Freelance Healthcare IT Journalist


  • Healthcare IT, digital health, telehealth trends
  • Healthcare issues
  • Journalism

Neil Versel is a recognized leader in health IT journalism. He attends every major conference, talks to the top people in health IT, and really “gets” what changes in healthcare are all about.

Having followed Neil’s writing for years, I recently had the pleasure of speaking on a telehealth panel which he moderated, and I invited him to be a guest on the interview show.

In this enlightening interview, Neil reveals his insights on how mhealth, digital health, and telehealth, fit into the big picture of healthcare and where the opportunities are for improving the healthcare system. He also shares his personal experiences with the healthcare system and how that has influenced his perspective of where the system needs to evolve.

Show Notes

Minute 1: What do you like to do outside of work?
Minute 3: How did you end up getting into healthcare journalism?
Minute 4: What is driving the success and interest in healthcare IT?
Minute 5: What are the biggest / most important changes going on in healthcare technology? (great list of the top items)
Minute 8: What are hospital CIO’s focused on and how are their roles changing?
Minute 10: What advice do you have for healthcare professionals whose job requirements are expanding beyond their traditional areas (e.g. biomeds having to learn clinical, doctors having to let others call the shots on patient care, etc.)?
Minute 14: Neil’s personal story about his father’s experience with the healthcare system
Minute 16: What gets in the way of people doing the right thing for the patient?
Minute 17: At what stage of life are the largest % of healthcare costs incurred and how does telehealth fit in?
Minute 18: How telehealth fits in with the readmissions policies in the Affordable Care Act.
Minute 20: Talk about the “moral hazards” associated with the healthcare system today.
Minute 22: How is the shift away from hospital-based care impacting healthcare? (great discussion on the incentives inherent in the system)
Minute 26: Where organizations are struggling even though they have an EMR.
Minute 27: Good comments on sharing of patient records.
Minute 28: What solutions have you been impressed by?
Minute 30: What best practices in health care have you observed?
Minute 33: What will happen to what we currently describe as telehealth?
Minute 35: Because you’ve been in the industry for a while, have you seen any tipping points that have been driving adoption of healthcare IT and telehealth? Also, talk about the “Triple Aim” (population health, the experience of health, cost of care).
Minute 36: Why hospitals “have to have” an EHR.
Minute 36: What will make providers take notice of healthcare IT?
Minute 37: What doesn’t the public know about why the US health system is only the 38th best in the world?
Minute 39: When did you finally “get it”?
Minute 42: What are your top pieces of advice for people just getting started with telehealth? (excellent tips – worth listening to)
Minute 44: Tell us about your blog Meaningful HIT News.

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