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Shahid N. Shah - Health IT and Telehealth


Shahid N. Shah, CEO - Netspective, The Healthcare IT Guy


  • Healthcare IT
  • Government 2.0
  • Medical Device Integration software

Shahid N. Shah is an internationally recognized and influential healthcare IT thought leader who is known as “The Healthcare IT Guy” across the Internet. He has great perspective on how to use technology to improve healthcare.

Shahid sat down with me to talk about how telehealth fits in with the broader context of healthcare technology and ongoing changes in the healthcare landscape. He explains his perspective with great examples, making it very easy for you to learn from his insights on technology trends and healthcare reform.

Show Notes

Minute 1: What do you do outside of work?
Minute 2: How did you become the Healthcare IT Guy?
Minute 4: Why did you start your blog?
Minute 6: Brief overview of Netspective
Minute 9: How telehealth is about moving care to where patients want it to be
Minute 10: What is the interest level in telehealth and telemedicine as compared to other healthcare technologies?
Minute 14: What helped tele-radiology go mainstream, and what can we learn from it for bringing telehealth to other clinical disciplines?
Minute 18: Do we need standards for telemedicine technology in order to help it take off?
Minute 22: What does it take to establish standards?
Minute 24: What will be the impact of the ACA on healthcare IT and telehealth specifically? (good summary)
Minute 29: Does the category / label “telehealth” hurt or help?
Minute 32: If you remove the category, is it possible to advance telehealth by working to advance individual clinical applications that telehealth can help?
Minute 36: Explain the shared savings model and how that works with telehealth?
Minute 40: What would you advise someone about getting into telehealth from a technical perspective?
Minute 45: The best way to think about what telehealth technology is really doing
Minute 46: Top Do’s and Don’ts for healthcare IT
Minute 48: Top Do’s and Don’ts for telehealth and telemedicine
Minute 52: Final pieces of advice and what’s next with Netspective

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