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Dr. Rafael J. Grossmann - iPod Teletrauma

Dr. Rafael Grossman

Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, FACS 


  • General and Trauma Surgery
  • iPod Teletrauma
  • Telemedicine Innovation

Dr. Grossmann is an attending trauma surgeon at Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) using an iPod teletrauma solution to serve patients in Maine. When I first saw the YouTube video of him speaking at a TEDx conference about iPod teletrauma, I was impressed by both his passion for telemedicine and his knack for marketing. He is a tireless advocate for the adoption  and expansion of teletrauma. If you want some great ideas about how to get started with teletrauma, Rafael is a great person to know.


Show Notes

Minute 1: How do you manage your time given all the responsibilities in your life?
Minute 3: How did you get interested in teletrauma?
Minute 6: How long would it take to transfer someone if they didn’t have a teletrauma solution in place?
Minute 7: Explain the time criticality of teletrauma
Minute 8: How does EMMC’s tele-trauma solution work?
Minute 13: How do you sell a cheap iPod & Skype based solution over the perception that it may not be robust?
Minute 16: Using Skype or Facetime?
Minute 17: Getting telehealth started with whatever technology you have and evolving with it
Minute 18: How long did it take for the institution to get started from the idea to launch?
Minute 24: Do you get frustrated and how do you manage through it?
Minute 27: How do you get telehealth accelerated in your program?
Minute 32: Overcoming hiccups and getting help
Minute 34: The keys to a good consult
Minute 37: The moment he knew he had done the right thing
Minute 40: Why his team at EMMC markets their solution
Minute 44: Final words of wisdom and contact info

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